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Unmet Needs Report 2023

Thank you to all the participants who took part in our 2023 Unmet Needs survey. Because of you, we're able to better understand the unmet needs of people with disability and the actions taken and required to address these needs.

We received 250 responses, of which 75% were persons with disability and 25% were carers. Below are some key points from this year’s report:

Disability Services

Services used have increased since 2022 and are likely due to services returning to normal following COVID disruption.

However, while more services are being utilised, people tend to be less satisfied.

We saw a 30% decrease in satisfaction of ILO (Individualised Living Options) compared to 2022, and a 28% decrease in satisfaction of day programs.


Advocacy is a complex issue and the perceived strength of Disability Service Providers is their ability to address issues at multiple levels, including:

  • Advocacy that addresses systematic issues and government policy
  • Providing more information to people living with disability about their human rights
  • Educating health care professionals and others


Satisfaction with housing is a key issue right now. 44% of respondents with NDIS funding for housing are dissatisfied with their current housing.

Whilst there are a number of different issues driving dissatisfaction, key factors such as living near their friends and family, the cost of housing, and proximity to transport and health care are at the forefront.

On behalf of Ability Forum, Ability First Australia and our members – thank you for your participation in this year’s Unmet Needs Survey.

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