Cootharinga North Queensland works with clients and the community to enhance services and resources for North Queenslanders with disabilities. Recognising that people with disabilities are marginalised in the community, the Society works actively to break down barriers and provide support and assistance in non-institutional settings within the community.


Cootharinga Services
One of our main goals is to ensure our clients live their chosen lifestyle to the fullest. We do this by providing a wide range of services that focus on the clients and our professionalism.

There are over 600 people living with disabilities throughout North Queensland, who are supported through our highly specialised and individualised services. These services consist of supported accommodation, individual support, family support, therapy, respite and rehabilitation and technology.


Supported Accommodation

Cootharinga, in 2008 provided support in nine locations 24 hours a day, seven days per week. In Townsville, Cairns and Mackay, our supported accommodation exists to meet the needs of diverse individuals to establish a normal rhythm of life. This assists those we support to make real decisions with minimum intrusion and to become confident and contributing members of their community by maximising their physical, intellectual, emotional, spiritual and social development.


Support Service

  • Family Support: Our Family Support Service provides flexible support to families that have a member with a disability. We recognise that each family has different needs and challenges. We work with families to give them support, continuity and well being.
  • Individual Support: Our Individual Support Service maximises and maintains client independence by providing support for clients’ personal and domestic needs and to meet their chosen goals.
  • Community Linking Service: The primary objective of our Community Linking Service is to encourage clients to identify and develop their gifts, talents and abilities by providing supports necessary for clients to become confident and contributing members of their community.
  • Therapy Service: Our Therapy Service provides physiotherapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy to optimise and maintain clients’ level of functioning in every aspect of their lives.
  • Rehabilitation and Technology Service: Rehabilitation and Technology Service (RTS) provides assistance with mobility, functional equipment and promotion of client’s optimal physical ability and development. As such, the objective of RTS is to enhance individual’s lives through the timely provision of appropriate modifications to equipment, primarily wheelchairs.
  • Respite Service: Cootharinga provides a range of quality respite options through its Respite Service, delivering planned, time limited breaks, for families and caregivers. It provides peace of mind and relaxation for the caregiver while having a break with the knowledge that the person usually 'cared for' is being provided with support in their absence.


The capacity of older parent carers to continue caring for their family member with a disability diminishes over time. As carers age they can experience failing health, reduced energy and exhaustion. Consequently, the need for support, particularly respite support, increases as carer’s age. Through the Older Parent Carers project, respite services can be provided for clients and their families as well as seeking alternate long term support arrangements.


Resource and Information Centre

Located at Cootharinga’s head office in Keane Street, Currajong, and open to the public, the Resource and Information Centre, is essentially a library containing books, periodicals, videos, pamphlets, directories, musical instruments and historical matter focusing on disability issues.


Cootharinga North Queensland
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