Global Affiliations and Subsidiaries



On the 1st July 2013 Cerebral Palsy Australia Ltd became a wholly owned subsidiary company of Ability First Australia Ltd. The decision to merge both entities came about because of a number of synergies between the work of both organisations.


Whilst the Ability First Australia Board is now the Cerebral Palsy Australia Board, it is the intention for both companies to operate independently.


For more information on Cerebral Palsy Australia please visit or contact us at the Ability First Australia Office on 1800 771 663.





Ability First Australia has a strong alliance with the largest not for profit Disability Service provider in the United States, Easterseals.


For nearly 100 years, Easterseals has been the indispensable resource for people and families challenged by disabilities. Now, as America faces a broad range of new issues, Easterseals makes a major, positive, life-changing difference in the lives of people and families facing today’s disabilities. The work Easterseals does every day is redefining disabilities for the 21st century.


Easterseals delivers vital services and provides expert support to people, families and communities dealing with today’s disabilities—the visible and the non-visible. Services and support are provided through a network of 74 affiliates in the U.S. and through Ability First Australia. Each affiliate provides exceptional services that are individualised, innovative, family-focused and tailored to meet specific needs of the particular community served.


Ability First Australia is the only global affiliate of Easterseals in the Asia Pacific region. Our members enjoy certain membership entitlements at no cost to them.

Ability First Australia is represented on the Global Partners Committee of Easterseals. This Committee comprises of affiliates from Canada, the United States and Mexico. This committee discusses issues relating to the United Nations, global fundraising initiatives, sharing information and research and best practice.