Ability First Australia is a strategic alliance of leading disability service providers working to ensure that every Australian living with disabilities, and their families, has access to programs that maximise their potential by creating opportunities for them to make their own choices.


These organisations are amongst Australia’s oldest and most respected charities. All were established from the 1920’s onwards to support children living with the results of polio, cerebral palsy and related conditions.

Our purpose is to work with our members to ensure that their clients are exposed to the best possible opportunities they need in order to reach their potential. We do this by providing a national focus for these state-wide organisations and by helping to build their capacity to continue providing best practice services and opportunities for innovation. 


Ability First Australia works to help build the capacity of its members through:


  • Policy and Advocacy
  • Knowledge transfer between members (including current market trends, NDIS developments and various benchmarking activities)
  • Strategies to support Cost Efficiencies
  • National Awareness Campaigns
  • Coordination of National Fundraising, Events and Corporate Partnerships
  • Developing Strategic Alliances locally (NDIA & other peak bodies and Government agencies)
  • Developing Strategic Alliances globally through our alliance with Easter Seals in the United States
  • Developing new Research and Innovation
  • Initiatives to provide the best outcomes for our member’s clients


Assisting those living with a disability


Ability First members employ more than 14,000 staff and provide close to $1 billion worth of services each year, primarily with government funding.


Across all states and territories our members provide these life changing services from over 250 local sites to over 150,000 clients, families and carers. These services range from early intervention, childhood and family support, to independent living, respite and accommodation, leisure access and recreation and job training and open employment.


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