Our Vision & Mission

Ability _First _Aust _vission -missionVISION
An Australia that puts ability first and ensures inclusion for all.




To support members to be the first choice for people with disabilities and their families.







  • Inclusion – We understand that diversity is a strength. We will particularly ensure that the thoughts and aspirations of people with disability, and their families, underpin everything that we do.
  • Collaboration – We achieve the best outcomes by working together constructively and by striving for consensus.
  • Generosity – We bring a spirit of willingness to our work and actively consider how we as individuals and organisations can add value to the lives of Australians with disability, and their families, through the work of Ability First Australia.
  • Innovation – We are keenly focused on finding better, smarter ways to do things.
  • Respect – Our decisions are stronger when we listen closely and when we acknowledge and take into account the different views and circumstances of others.
  • Integrity – We are open and honest in our communication and operate according to the highest ethical standards.