Our People

Our team at Ability First Australia come with a wealth of knowledge and experience.

Ability First Australia was established in 2003 by Australia’s oldest and most respected Disability Service organisations. These organisations have a long and trusted history in providing the highest quality service to people with disability for over 85 years. All were established from the 1920's onwards to support children living with the results of polio, cerebral palsy and related conditions. Through 250 sites in every State and Territory, the members collectively provide $500 million worth of services ranging from therapy, supported accommodation and respite care to over 150,000 clients, their carers and families. These organisations continue to provide innovative and responsive services aimed at meeting the needs of people living with a wide range of disabilities.


Ability First Australia's establishment was an acknowledgement of the fact that the collective experience, knowledge and expertise of these organisations acquired over a long period of time would be enhanced even more if they were supported by strategies driven from a national office.